Agenda item


To agree the public minutes and summary of the meeting held on 23 June 2020.


The Committee considered the public minutes and non-public summary of the virtual meeting held on 23 June 2020.



Poultry Market and General Market and the Annexe Buildings West Smithfield London EC1A 9PS (page 27) – A Member asked that the decision to delegate authority to Officers, in consultation the Chair and Deputy Chairman, to agree the final wording of a Grampian condition concerning the ancillary market uses which currently exist within the Poultry Market be reflected within the resolution by way of an additional sub paragraph (paragraph c) at point 1.  


The Committee supported the proposal and the Town Clerk undertook to amend the final, published minute accordingly.


Subject to the above amendment being made, the public minutes and summary were approved as a correct record.

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