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Election of Auditors (page 4) – The Assistant Town Clerk reminded the Committee that there had been a possibility, in June 2012, that there might have been a contest regarding the Election of Auditors. This had promoted Officers to review the qualifications required by a candidate standing for election and to possibly review this going forward.


The Assistant Town Clerk went on to report that a paper recommending several changes was approved by this Committee in September of last year and, subsequently, by Common Hall in October. Members were informed that it was hoped, at this point, that a new Act of Common Council bringing these changes into effect would be in place for Common Hall 2013 however, due to the workload of the City’s legal team, this was not now going to be possible.


The Assistant Town Clerk assured the Committee that this was still very much a work in progress but that it would not be advisable to hastily draft this important piece of legislation. He added that, Common Hall had now made clear what it would like to see going forward and that this could, therefore, be trialled in 2013.


Members were informed that the Chamberlain was content with the current arrangements and that the City had now adopted a different, more transparent approach to publishing its City’s Cash accounts. It was hoped that the new legislation would come into effect in 2014.


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