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The City Livery Club will be celebrating its centenary in 2013/14 when the President is likely to be Alderman Neil Redcliffe. The Club have drawn up a proposal that, as part of the celebration, they should launch the ‘City Livery Club Centenary Award’ which would be an annual award for an outstanding Liveryman.


The attached paper gives details of the proposal in which the City Livery Club are seeking the approval of the Livery Committee and our support on the judging panel.


The Committee considered a paper regarding the City Livery Club Centenary Award.


The Chairman reported that this was a new award introduced to celebrate the City Livery Club’s Centenary in 2014. He clarified that they were not seeking financial support from the Livery Committee but were seeking its participation in terms of judging.


A Member, who was also likely to be President of the City Livery Club during its centenary year in 2014. He stated that the Club were now looking to the future and were keen to put something of value in place and raise the profile of the Livery movement, the City Livery Club and the excellent work of individual Liverymen. He went on to inform the Committee that a Centenary dinner would be held at the Guildhall in June 2014 and it was hoped that the first award could be presented at this event.


The Chairman highlighted that nominations for the award could come from Livery Companies or from individuals.


The Committee stated that they were happy to endorse the award as detailed and to agree to the Chairman of the Livery Committee or a nominated representative sitting on the judging panel.


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