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Community Remedy

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk which set out proposals for the Community Remedy Document (CRD).


One Member considered that the following revisions should be made to the CRD –


1.    Should only apply to first offence

2.    Section 4 and 4a POA offences should be excluded

3.    Should exclude racially aggravated crime – after discussion this was widened to hate crime more broadly

4.    Should be more flexibility on financial threshold – currently £100 damages – as impact on victim can be considerable even with lower value e.g. theft of keys / cards.


It was agreed that a meeting with the relevant Member(s), the Commissioner and the Town Clerk would be arranged to discuss a way forward in respect of the proposed revisions and therefore a further report should be brought to the Committee on 25 February 2016.


The Town Clerk reminded Members that the purpose of the CRD was to give the victim the opportunity to make a decision on what actions an offender should carry out to repair the damage done and cold be made as an alternative to prosecuting the offender through the courts.


RESOLVED – That the report be deferred for a discussion regarding the proposed revisions to the CRD.  The report would be considered at the next meeting on 25 February 2016.

Supporting documents:


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