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Bank Junction Experimental Scheme


The Sub-Committee received a report concerning the Bank Junction Experimental Scheme.


The Director of the Built Environment advised that additional funding of £120,000 had been secured from TfL for the scheme, and further funding for use after the 2015/16 financial year was expected.






a)            the budget to reach the next Gateway of £300k be approved, subject to additional funding of at least £60k being received from TfL in the next financial year (as detailed in appendix 2 of the report);

b)            Option A be progressed through detailed design (during this time the inclusion, or not, of taxis will be decided) to gateway 4/5 (authority to start work); and

c)            the final design and request for authority to start work be reported to the Streets and Walkways and Projects Sub Committees and the Policy and Resources Committee for approval.


Supporting documents:


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