Agenda item

Appointment of Donation Governors

To appoint two Donation Governors as follows:


a) One Donation Governor in the room of Sophie Fernandes for a presentee at CH     (2013-2020); and


b) One Donation Governor for the City's 2016 presentee (2016-2023).


The Committee proceeded to appoint two Donation Governors, one in the room of a Governor who had now resigned from the Committee and one for the City’s 2016 presentee.


The Chairman stated that she would like to establish a succession plan of Donation Governors. She added that there were still two further vacancies outstanding on the Committee and that it was an expectation that all Members of the Committee would be appointed as Donation Governors at least once.




a) Dennis Cotgrove be appointed as Donation Governor for Francesca Shannon (2013-  2020) in the room of Sophie Fernandes; and


b)Nicholas Bensted-Smith be appointed as Donation Governor for the City of London’s 2016 presentee to Christ’s Hospital (2016-2023).