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Superintendent's Update

Superintendent of Hampstead Heath to be heard on Hampstead Heath matters.



The Superintendent was heard regarding Hampstead Heath matters and the following points were made.


Management Plan Engagement

The Superintendent thanked the Deputy Chairman for her role in the recent public vision workshops. A report would be submitted to the Hampstead Heath Consultative Committee in July 2017 and then the Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park Committee meeting in September 2017.


Cross-Country Running

The Superintendent noted that the dry spring weather meant that the ground was not overly damaged by the recent cross-country events.



The Superintendent noted that Members would be updated further once proposals had been put to the Hampstead Heath Consultative Committee for comment.



Water House, Millfield Lane

The planning appeal had been withdrawn and the property sold. The new owner was proposing disabled access on the ground floor and had been actively engaging with the local community through holding an open day on 18 May 2017, and was willing to invite the Hampstead Heath Consultative Committee on a visit to the property. The Superintendent noted that his main concerns were over the health of veteran trees on Millfield Lane that would be affected by any construction traffic.


Land Adjacent to Jack Straws Castle North End Way

A planning application had been received to which the City would object due to the impact on views from the Heath plus the loss of local car parking.


Barnet Planning Brief re Bus Station

The planning brief included a proposal for a tall building. The deadline for responses was 25 May 2017.



In response to a comment from a Member regarding drones, the Superintendent noted that it was difficult to enforce against drones provided they did not include surveillance equipment. A report would be submitted to the July 2017 committee meeting. The Superintendent agreed to circulate the draft guidance to Members outside of the meeting. A Member noted that English Heritage operated a zero tolerance policy of no drones.


Cycles Routes

A Member noted that the Heath and Hampstead Society would not welcome any further cycle routes on the Heath.



The Constabulary & Queen’s Park Manager noted that eight enforcement cases were pending decision by a magistrate.





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