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Community Engagement Update

Report of the Commissioner.


The Committee received a report of the Commissioner outlining the issues that communities had highlighted during the CoLP’s engagement activities since April 2016 and how the Communities and Partnerships teams had responded. 


In response to a question concerning whether or not any slavery or human trafficking issues had been identified, the Commissioner advised that although there were no issues so far, this was an emerging issue and would be monitored through the strategic assessment process.


In relation to the new ‘street briefings’ initiative, the Committee suggested that outcomes from these be reported to the Safer City Partnership.


In relation to ‘Operation Acton’, an initiative to address homelessness and rough sleeping, the Chairman asked if this could be resilience tested as a recent experience had indicated that the system wasn’t working properly.


A Member noted the reference to brothels and queried whether this was an emerging issue. The Member also queried whether work to address this issue was being co-ordinated with the Safer City Partnership.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.





Supporting documents:


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