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Appointment of External Members

Report of the Town Clerk.


The three External Members left the room when this report was discussed and the decision taken


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk in respect of the re-appointment of one of the External Members, possibly for a further term.  Mr Ludlam had consented to this report being considered in public and his full CV had been emailed to Members and laid around the tables. 


Members strongly agreed that Mr Ludlam was an extremely valued External Member, who also served on the Police Performance and Resource Management Sub Committee.  Members were very pleased that Mr Ludlam was keen to serve for a third term and noted that this was within the UK Corporate Governance Code (Guidance on Audit Committees).  Members were also mindful of the terms of the other External Members, who were equally valued and would therefore consider similar requests to serve for a third term. 


In the Interim, the Town Clerk would prepare for the longer term appointment of new External Members and follow the good practice of other City of London Committees, which also employ External Members; i.e. the introduction of a Nominations Sub Committee and a portfolio of potential External Members. 


RESOLVED, That – the Court of Common Council be recommended to approve the appointment of Mr Kenneth Ludlam, for a third term of three years, as an External Member of the Audit and Risk Management Committee, with that term expiring in 2020.



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