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Risk Management Update

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Committee considered a report of the Chamberlain, which provided an update on the Corporate and Top Red Departmental Risk registers following the review by the Chief Officer Risk Management Group (CORMG) on 27 September 2016 and Summit Group on 20 October 2016. 


In considering this report, Members were asked whether they would like to continue to receive the new reports at appendices 2 and 3; ‘Corporate Risk and Actions Progress’ and ‘Top Red Departmental Risk and Actions Progress’, as well as the Corporate Risk Register.  Whilst welcoming the new appendices for being helpful in providing further assurance, Members agreed that it would be useful to receive them twice yearly and not at every meeting. 


RESOLVED, that –


1.       The changes to the Corporate and Top Red Departmental Risk Registers be noted.


2.       The Corporate Risk and Actions Progress and Top Red Departmental Risk and Actions Progress report, be presented to the Committee on a bi-annual basis in order to provide Members with additional assurance. 



Supporting documents:


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