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Questions on matters relating to the work of the committee


Planning Applications

A Member questioned whether consideration might be given to hearing just one major application each meeting. He also asked if consideration could be given to hearing residential applications in the evening.


The Chairman clarified that it was not always possible to ensure the timing of applications so that only one per meeting was considered. He added that Officers could look to bring forward proposals around residential applications (which were admittedly rare) being considered at evening meetings going forward.


Bowater House, Golden Lane

A Member questioned whether an application for a mobile phone installation had been received for this property. The Chief Planning Officer reported that she was unaware of any such application to date but undertook to look in to this matter further and respond to the Member.


Embankment Works

In response to a question, the Chairman clarified that the planned closure of Embankment would now no longer be necessary.



In response to a question regarding further delays to Crossrail, the Chairman stated that he was not aware of any knock on effects for the City.


Committee Terms of Reference

A Member questioned whether consideration might be given, in due course, to the introduction of a panel system for the consideration of major applications so that Members might be more significantly involved in the plans from an earlier stage.


He highlighted that the Committee had only recently considered and rejected the option of a panel system. A Member commented that Members did receive sufficient warning of applications coming forward both within the Committee papers and also as Ward Members.


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