Agenda item

Staff Survey Update

Report of the Commissioner of Police


The Committee received a report of the Commissioner of Police updating Members on the progress of the recent Staff Survey that had recently been completed.


The Commissioner explained to Members that this was the first survey that had taken place for a number of years, since 2014-15.  He explained that, although it is still very early and the results have not been fully analysed yet, the initial findings have been positive.


The Assistant Commissioner explained that the survey had produced largely good news.  He explained that the Survey had taken place in the summer of 2017 on the recommendation of the HMIC, and at the decision of the Chief Officer group.


The Assistant Commissioner explained that Chief Inspector Dave Evans would be putting forth an action plan from the findings, and that this would then be brought back to the Police Committee.


The Chairman illustrated his approval of the Force’s swiftness in bringing this initial report to Committee, and his desire to see the final report at Committee.  The Assistant Commissioner agreed that the final report would be submitted to the December meeting. (5)


A Member stated their approval at the conduction of the survey, and stated that the importance of a communication strategy amongst staff could not be underestimated.


The Chairman of the Professional Standards and Integrity Sub-Committee stated their approval of the completion of the survey, and stated that this should feed into the work of the Sub-Committee, playing an important role in informing the integrity plan with regards to important issues such as Code of Ethics and institutional culture.


RESOLVED – That the report be received.


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