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City of London Transport Strategy - Scope, Process and Programme


The Committee received a report outlining the scope of the City of London Corporation’s Transport Strategy and the process and programme for developing the Strategy which had been considered and approved by the Local Plans Sub-Committee.


A member commented that he expected that the single most significant source of input on the consultation for each of the LIP and Transport Strategy would be the Members, particularly of this Committee, as they represented the key stakeholders. Since this Committee was a ward committee, all the wards would be represented. The member noted that paragraph 10 of the report stated that the principal mechanism for engaging Members would be the Local Plan Sub Committee. While it was plainly appropriate that this Sub Committee be fully engaged in this matter, the Member asked that - in view of its importance - the full Committee have the opportunity to debate the draft consultation paper for each of the LIP and the Transport Strategy.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted and the full Committee have the opportunity to debate the outcome of each consultation, and that time be allowed in the timetable for making any changes resulting from these debates.


Supporting documents:


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