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Renaming of Pedestrian Route: Barker Bridge

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report following a request made by the Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee, on behalf of Barbican Residents, that an application be made to rename a section of St Alphage Highwalk as the ‘BARKER BRIDGE’.


This would commemorate John Alfred Barker OBE, the former Chief Commoner and Member for Cripplegate Ward who died in May 2017.


The Committee was advised that the naming of streets or structures/buildings after living or recently deceased persons was contrary to the City Corporation’s published Advice Note, however the proposal before Members was to consider whether an exception was merited on this occasion.






1.            Agree the name ‘BARKER BRIDGE’ for the new footbridge, and approve a statutory consultation on the proposed name; and


2.            Agree that if the statutory consultation results in no objections, then the Director of the Built Environment be delegated to approve the name ‘BARKER BRIDGE’, and require that a statutory order be issued.


The Chairman advised that an opening ceremony would also be arranged.


Supporting documents:


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