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35 Furnival Street - 14/01173/FULL

Report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director.


(Redacted Background Papers have been circulated separately).


The application was introduced which was recommended as acceptable in terms of itsmassing and design and that it would not detract from the character of the buildingor the character and appearance of the Chancery Lane Conservation Area.


Mr Mathieu Fourny and Ms Chloe Nash spoke in objection on the basis of detrimental loss of natural light and sunlight to their properties, and the excessive noise and interruption which the building works would cause.


With the agreement of the Chairman, a mobile phone photograph was passed around the Committee, and the objectors recommended that Members undertake a site visit.


Although the applicant was unable to be at the meeting, a copy of her statement in support of the application had been circulated to the Committee.


Members asked a number of questions in relation to the proximity of the properties to one another and which rooms would be affected by loss of light.


Members sought clarification on the significance of the cumulative impact assessment, Local Plan Policy, and whether or not conditions restricting the noise and timing of the building works could be applied.


Several Members commented that a site visit might have been helpful.


Marianne Fredericks PROPOSED and Susan Pearson SECONDED that the application be DEFERRED to enable the Committee to undertake a site visit.


The proposal was put to the vote with 13 voting FOR, 1 AGAINST and 8 ABSTENTIONS.


RESOLVED – That the application be DEFERRED for the Committee to undertake a site visit.


Supporting documents:


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