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Gateway 6 Progress Report - Bank on Safety: Consultation Findings

Report of the Director of the Built Environment


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment detailing the consultation results of the Bank on Safety consultations.


Members were advised that of the consultation survey, 45% of respondents supported the experiment as implemented, a further 29% generally supported the scheme but wanted to see changes, and a total 75% of respondents supported or generally supported the experiment.


Members noted that the majority of business and representative group respondents were supportive, including the City Property Association, which represented150 businesses within the City.


Overall, the most frequent request of a variation in the consultation survey was to allow black cabs through the junction.  This was suggested by 12% of the total respondents. 


A Member referred to the section of the report summarising feedback from “groups and organisations that the City of London considered to be key stakeholders, or key local occupiers”, and questioned on what basis the Alliance of British Drivers came into this category, and how much weight was given to it’s representations if it were not a significant body. The Member further questioned what work was being done in relation to allowing taxis’ through the junction.


Officers advised that the views of ‘key stakeholders’ were to inform debate and would be refuted if necessary. With regard to the further work on access by taxis’ to Bank, officers advised that action under urgency had been signed off by Chairman & Deputy Chairman of S&W committee.


The Member replied that he couldn’t recall having seen any record or minutes to that effect.


Several Members commented that while the consultation response had been very good, it was important to ensure that the final decision be evidence led and not anecdotal.


The Chairman reported that his commitment o the Bank on Safety scheme would continue unabated.


RESOLVED – That the outcomes of the Bank on Safety Consultation exercise be noted.


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