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Housing Major Works Programme - Progress Report

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


Members received a report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services which updated them on progress made with the Housing Major Works Programme and issues affecting progress on individual schemes.  Members noted that, in order to give assurance that contractors were being challenged appropriately, more detail had been included about slippages. 


The Director explained that the Procurement Director would be attending the next meeting of the Sub Committee to explain how City Procurement were working to attract suitable contractors.  Members noted the work underway on soft market testing, packaging contracts and introducing a City Corporation Framework. 


Members discussed the recent motion, which had been agreed by residents at the recent Cripplegate Wardmote.  The Motion registered dissatisfaction regarding the start dates of the window replacement and other works on Golden Lane.  The residents agreed that work should begin in 6 months’ time (i.e. September 2018) and be completed, at the latest, by March 2020.    The Director advised that a response had been drafted, ready for presenting to the Court of Common Council.


Members noted that the housing stock condition survey carried out by Savills (UK) Limited has now been completed and the final report submitted within the last few days. A report will be presented to the next meeting of the Community and Children’s Service Committee outlining the findings of the survey and its implications for the Corporation in terms of in terms of future financial planning and the 30-Year HRA Business Plan.  The 5-Year Major Works Programme is largely unaffected by the stock condition survey and the Director remains confident that this programme, along with the improvements identified by the recently completed Fire Risk Assessments, will be completed in a timely manner. The Chairman confirmed that resourcing and delivery were regular agenda items at his meetings with the Director.  Members were reminded that the Community and Children’s Services Committee received regular detailed monitoring reports in respect of the Major Works Programme. 


In response to further questions, Members noted that any works to the communal water tanks would be fully monitored to ensure minimal disruption. A Member asked if the slippage in respect of Middlesex Street doors, windows and balconies could be expedited.  In respect of warrantees, Members noted that most defect periods for works programmes were for 12 months. In certain circumstances however, the Corporation may choose to take out ‘extended warranties’ for periods of up to 25 years. This has been done in the past, for example, on re-roofing works and, in such cases, an insurance-backed warranty is appropriate to protect against companies or manufacturers going into liquidation. In the case of insurance-backed warranties, they are usually tied in to specific maintenance regimes and inspections for the period of the warranty. 


RESOLVED, that – the report be noted.


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