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Central Contingencies

Report of the Chamberlain.


The Committee considered a report of the Chamberlain which provided Members with information regarding the current balance of the Finance Committee Contingency Funds.


After a recent case of an officer approaching the Chairman for his view on contingency funding for a project, the Chairman reminded Members and officers that the Finance Committee Contingency Fund was for the whole Corporation but excluded policy initiatives. Funding requests for these types of initiatives should be directed at the Policy & Resources Contingency Fund.


On the wider point, Members emphasised that if there were legitimate reasons presented by officer to access the Fund, Members should consider it, however, the Contingency Fund should not be “raided for every idea”, and if some of the fund remained unspent at the end of the financial year then so be it.


Members raised a query on the £60,000 GLA Roads dispute contingency fund (listed in the appendix), was in addition to the £80,000 originally allocated. Officers confirmed that it was an additional sum which would be required later in 2018, as the dispute was due to go to the Supreme Court.


A Member queried the cost of the new Guildhall Club Kitchen servery counter. The Chairman and officers confirmed that the cost amounted to £49,500.

RESOLVED – That the Committee notes the report.

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