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Major Works Strategic Solution (Award)

Report of the Chamberlain.


Members considered a Report of the Chamberlain concerning procuring Major Works for the City of London between £1m and £15m.


The Chairman noted that there were parallels between the Strategic Framework proposed in the Report and the Central Government Commercial Framework. Officers emphasised that the Framework presented an opportunity to cut down on delays and bureaucracy.


In response to a query from a Member, officers responded that the Corporation would apply the framework to the City of London’s Freemen’s School despite the School being outside the Corporation’s local authority remit, this was by choice as “we apply the same model across the board”.


Members welcomed the initiative as potentially offering a new flexibility which would better match the needs of the organisation.


Officers confirmed that the term “professional services” applied to any third party involved with our projects.


RESOLVED – that the Committee approved the following:


·         Approve the strategy, implementation and procurement route for Major Works between £1m and £15m, which is to develop 4 strategic frameworks for works within an estimated total annual value range £130m to £245m. These will be procured as follows:


-       Framework 1 – £1m-£4.6m/ OJEU threshold (IPG, CPG, Open Space, Police, Markets and Barbican)


-       Framework 2 –£1m to £4.6m/OJEU threshold (Housing)


-       Framework 3 - £4.6m/OJEU to £15million (IPG, CPG, Open Space, Police, Markets and Barbican)


-       Framework 4 - £4.6m/OJEU to £15million (Housing)


·         Approve the evaluation criteria; the proposed evaluation criteria of 60% quality 40% price is in line with the Procurement Code. The proposed weighting towards quality reflects the priority and focus of getting the quality of the service element right.


·         Approve undertaking of soft market testing in May 2018 and look to procure a strategic solution in September 2018 with a potential award date in March 2019.





Supporting documents:


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