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Eradication of Procurement Code Breach Waivers (Retrospective waivers)

Report of the Chamberlain.


Members received a Report of the Chamberlain concerning the eradication of procurement code breach waivers.


Members showed significant support for the new measures, including the Waiver Danger Campaign and the new sanctions.  Members wanted to ensure that this is imposed to maximum effect and wish the Establishment Committee paper to be edited to a “For Decision” paper and introduce that the 3 measures for sub-OjEU (Official Journal of the European Union) should be fast-forwarded for repeat offenders over the previous year. 


ACTION City Procurement to amend the Report and liaise with Town Clerk’s Department to ensure a note goes to Establishment Committee from Finance Committee reflecting this feedback.  One Member commended City Procurement on the journey of getting to this level of compliance and that this final step is important to be backed by Members and Officers alike.


RESOLVED – that the Committee noted the Report.

Supporting documents:


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