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Chatham House Event - Financial Services 10 Years On

Report of the Director of Communications.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Communication proposing that the City Corporation jointly organises an event with Chatham House to mark 10 years after the financial crisis and the implications for the future.


A Member commented that the financial crisis was still a sensitive issue and that it was therefore important to be clear on what the event was trying to achieve. The Head of Corporate Affairs acknowledged the sensitive nature of the issue. She advised that the aim would be to make attendance a positive experience and to provide an analysis of what has happened in the last decade and what might happen in the next. The Chairman added that the event would sit well with Business of Trust initiative.


RESOLVED – approval be given to the City Corporation jointly organising an event with Chatham House, in Guildhall, marking 10 years after the onset of the Financial Crisis and to the provision of £17,000 in support of the event, funded from the 2018/19 Policy Initiatives Fund, categorised under “Events” and charged to City’s Cash.


Supporting documents:


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