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Progress Report

Report of the Chief Grants Officer (CGO) and Director of City Bridge Trust


The Committee received the regular progress report of the Chief Grants Officer (CGO) and Director of City Bridge Trust, and discussed the updates provided.


Bridging Divides


Bridging Divides had been launched in operational form and was live on the City Bridge Trust website. Officers were on top of any improvements that had been suggested and there had been some good communications work around the launch. Learning partner Renaisi had been engaged and had started work with a productive first session.


Central Grants Programme (CGP)


The Committee noted that the Resource Allocation Sub-Committee and Policy & Resources Committee had agreed to support the implementation of the CGP on a permanent basis from 1 April 2018, following the successful pilot of the programme. This was felt to be a good reflection on City Bridge Trust.


Wembley National Stadium Trust


The Committee noted that the possible sale of Wembley Stadium by the FA had been in the news. Whilst there was nothing to report at this stage, the Trust would have options in the event of a sale.


Centre for Social Justice (CSJ)


The CGO and Director of City Bridge Trust informed the Committee that he had met with Centre for Social Justice representatives about the work of the City Bridge Trust and shared ideas and opportunities. The CSJ was doing work that may be eligible for funding under the Bridging Divides strategy.


RESOLVED – That the report be noted.

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