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Risk Register for Bridge House Estates

Report of the Chamberlain and the CGO and Director of City Bridge Trust


The Committee considered a report of the Chamberlain and the CGO and Director of City Bridge Trust, providing the Committee’s section of the key risks register for Bridge House Estates (BHE) for review. The Committee noted that the risks relating to Bridge House Estates were split between the six Committees which managed elements of it, and the risk register for City Bridge Trust contained the risks relating to the element overseen by the City Bridge Trust Committee.


A new risk had been introduced, the risk of grants not being used for its intended purpose. This would be mitigated through the evaluation process and rigorous grants management and monitoring systems in place. Safeguarding breaches at funded organisations carried a reputational risk, and to mitigate this City Bridge Trust had brought an updated safeguarding policy to the Committee for approval.


In response to a query from a Member, the Committee was advised that it was planned to transfer the risk register onto the Corporate template for risk registers. A Member raised a query that the Committee agreed to discuss in the non-public section of the meeting.


RESOLVED – That the City Bridge Trust Committee:


a)            Review the four risks currently on the register for this Committee and confirm that appropriate control measures are in place; and


b)            Confirm that there are no other risks relating to the services overseen by the City Bridge Trust Committee which should be added to the Bridge House Estates risk register.

Supporting documents:


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