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Safeguarding Requirements for Grantees and the Trust

Report of the CGO and Director of City Bridge Trust


The Committee considered a report of the CGO and Director of City Bridge Trust setting out the Charity Commission’s guidance on safeguarding for charities and funders. The report followed on from discussions at a previous meeting. A review of the Trust’s policy was timely as the issue had been in the media and there was new and repeated advice and guidance from the Charity Commission to incorporate into practices. The report sought approval to implement improvements to current policy.


All organisations are required to have a policy and practice relating to safeguarding, not only organisations in the children and young people sector, and the Trust had a responsibility as a funder to check that the organisations it worked with were compliant. Other funders were also looking at this and City Bridge Trust wanted to be part of a co-ordinated approach to a coherent and constructive process. There was a requirement for Member training that officers would try to incorporate into the Committee’s strategic away half-day in October.


RESOLVED – That the City Bridge Trust Committee:


a)            Note the report;


b)            Agree the processes as outlined in paragraphs 10-15 of the report;


c)            Instruct officers to arrange appropriate training for staff and Members to take place within the next six months; and


d)            Continue to work closely with other funders to ensure that the Trust’s approach to this issue is consistent, compliant and supportive of the sector’s needs.

Supporting documents:


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