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Gender Diversity

Resolution from the Public Relations and Economic Development Sub-Committee meeting held on 24 April 2018.


The Committee considered a resolution from the Public Relations and Economic Development Sub-Committee meeting held on 24 April 2018 concerning gender diversity on the City Corporation’s Committees.


A Member observed that there was a significant diversity deficit on the Committee and suggested that a radical solution was required to address this. The possibility of quotas was suggested, with it noted that, whilst controversial, these already existed on the Committee to facilitate representation from both residential and more newly-elected Members of the Court. Several Members spoke to express their opposition to the proposal, suggesting that they would not wish to be considered part of a quota or to have it considered that they had not been elected solely on their own merits.


The increasing diversity of the Court as a whole in recent years was noted, with it suggested that the voting system used for elections to the Committee might perhaps be worth exploring as a potential cause of the discrepancy between the overall Court’s composition and representation on Committees. Members also spoke to emphasise the difference between positive discrimination and positive action, with it suggested that increased outreach and engagement activity with City businesses and residents would pay dividends in encouraging a more representative spread of candidates for election to the Court.


The Chairman thanked Members for their comments, observing that there was a proposal to establish a Members’ Diversity Working Party at item 10 which would take up this issue. She also made reference to a forthcoming session she would be hosting for female Members, to consider the issue of gender balance and representation more specifically.




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