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Outstanding Actions

Report of the Town Clerk


The Group received a report of the Town Clerk that summarised the outstanding actions from previous meetings.


OR1 – Workshop Findings

The Chairman requested that the workshop findings be circulated once available.


OR4 – Prevent Module Link

The Community Safety Manager explained that this was available through City Learning now.  He explained that GDPR compliance considerations led to some delays, but these issues have now been resolved.


OR5 – Number of Tower Fires in 2016

The London Fire Brigade Borough Commander explained that in 2016 there were only 3 fires in buildings designated as high rise, and at the time of the comment made at the November 2017 meeting, there had been around 4-5 that year.  He explained that these were not necessarily significant fires, and in many cases were easily resolved, two of them as a result of wiring issues.  He confirmed that there had not been any dwelling fires recorded since November 2017, and no injuries were recorded in those mentioned above.  The Chairman approved of this.


RESOLVED – That the report be received.


Supporting documents:


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