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Magistrates Court - External Repair Works

Report of the City Surveyor


The Sub-Committee considered a report of the City Surveyor that sought Members’ decision of an option to carry out external repair work to the City of London Magistrates’ Court.


The Chairman noted that the recommended option to carry out cyclical medium-term repairs appeared to be the most sensible and Members agreed.


Members agreed that draft reports and consultation approval forms need not be submitted as appendices and asked that the Town Clerk ensure that these are omitted from future agenda packs.


A Member asked for clarification over whether or not the cost of these repairs was deemed to be capital expenditure.  The City Surveyor confirmed that the proposed repair works would be an operational cost.


RESOLVED – That Members agree to:


  1. Approve option 2, to carry out essential works which will ensure the building is maintained to a good condition for the next 5 years, whilst substantial progress is made on the new judicial centre.


  1. Approve the recommendation to consolidate the work and deliver under one project.


  1. Approve a gateway 3 cost of £20,000, made up of the remaining £9,816 from the original £15,000 budget approved at gateway 1/ 2 and uplift of £10,184 from the the City’s Cash Annual Provision for New Schemes. This will be to develop a specific design and specification ready to tender the works.


  1. Note that the current total project estimated cost is £635,000. A funding strategy is to be agreed with HMCTS and submitted to Members within a gateway 4/ 5 report.


  1. Note that we will engage with City Procurement and present preferred procurement route also to be presented within the gateway 4/ 5 which will be submitted for Committee approval.

Supporting documents:


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