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Annual Review of the Committee's Terms of Reference

Report of the Town Clerk.  



The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk concerning the Terms of Reference and frequency of meetings of the Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee. The report proposed adding the following to the Committee’s Terms of Reference, to be brought to the Policy and Resources Committee and the Court of Common Council:


a)    London’s Roman Amphitheatre and the City of London Heritage Gallery (under Guildhall Art Gallery);

b)    The City of London’s Outdoor Arts Programme (using the old City of London Festival Budget);

c)    City Arts Initiative (approving recommendations for artworks in the public realm);

d)    The Guildhall Yard Public Programme (event content only);

e)    City of London Police Museum (as approved by the Committee at its last meeting)


a)    the Terms of Reference of the Culture, Heritage and Libraries Committee be approved for submission to the Annual Meeting of the Court of Common Council, 2019, to include the additional points (a-e) as set out above.

b)    the Committee continues to meet six times per year.

Supporting documents:


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