Agenda item

Minutes of the previous meeting

To agree the public minutes and non-public summary of the meeting held on 15 January 2019.


RESOLVED – That the public minutes of the previous meeting held 15 January 2019 be agreed as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Regarding the catering contract, the City Solicitors are close to signing, and the caterers have continued to operate the service under the contractual arrangements of the previous contract. The Comptroller and City Solicitor advised that the contracts were delayed due to issues related to insurance.


The Chairman requested a joint report of the City Solicitors and Procurement, as this is a cross-departmental issue and the Committee needs to understand the risks that the issue exposes the City to. The Committee will assume the contract is unsigned until the Comptroller advises the Committee Clerk via email that it has been signed, and the Clerk will inform Members. Members echoed this statement and requested the report also be brought to the Procurement Subcommittee.


Supporting documents: