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Superintendent's Update

Report of the Superintendent of Hampstead Heath.


lMembers considered a report of the Superintendent providing an update on matters concerning Hampstead Heath, Highgate Wood and Queen’s Park. The following points were made:




·         The Water House, Millfield Lane 2017/3692/P. The Superintendent advised that Officers were involved with the working party and continued to engage despite works being behind schedule.


·         Parliament Hill William Ellis School 2018/1270/P. The Superintendent noted that Officers had seats on the working group and continued to engage concerning trees.


·         South Fairground Site. The appeal has been moved to April 2019. The Superintendent noted that the Team have received ongoing support from the Comptroller & City Solicitor and appointed Counsel for the appeal. 


·         North Fairground Site 2017/4346/P. An appeal is planned to take place in early February 2019.


·         Jack Straws Castle 2017/2064/P. A decision has not yet been determined and Officers await a decision.


·         55 Fitzroy Park. The Superintendent stated that the Team would object to this application as this would be developed on the periphery of the Heath and would have an impact on hydrology. Consultants continue to address the plans which have changed numerous times in order to prepare the objection paperwork. 


·         The Superintendent advised Members that Camden Council had prepared a draft planning framework for Kentish Town and encouraged Members to send their views to help shape the future of the area.


Golders Hill Park Disabled Car Park


·         The Superintendent advised that he had received correspondence from a member of the public concerning the impact of closure of the car park during weekends for disabled users.


·         A Member supported the need for the car park to be open during weekends to provide accessibility for disabled people and queried whether third party enforcement could be used to fine against double parking, etc, in the space. The Superintendent advised that an enforcement agency was already being used and felt that a mechanism for closing the car park when full was required as there was a desire to provide a safe space available to the public permanently. 


City Surveyors Cyclical Work Programme

·         The Superintendent advised Members that the Golders Hill Park project was now complete and the next project would take place at Parliament Hill.


Capital Projects


·         Members were advised that development of the Adventure Playground project had advanced and a detailed design was being prepared to go out to tender along with a gateway report.




·         The Superintendent advised that work on access facilities at the Men’s Pond were still ongoing and that the Team were working with architects regarding access to the water and a topographical survey. This project is planned to go through the capital gateway process once the access issues are overcome.


·         The Superintendent noted that he was liaising with the Highway Authority regarding disabled parking to find the best route to the facility.




·         Members were advised that Zippos Circus was successful and received minimal peaceful protests.


·         The London Youth Games and Greater London Cross Country Championships held on 17 November 2018 was successful and well attended by young people. It was noted that the event had minimal impact on the Heath.


Local Government Reorganisation (Hampstead Heath) Order 1989


·         Members were advised that 30 March 2019 marked 30 years Corporation’s custodianship of Hampstead Heath and an all Court visit to the Heath had been suggested to celebrate this occasion with a picnic. Members were supportive of this suggestion noting that there were a number of Members that had never been to the Heath. It was recommended that this event take place in June.     


·         A Member suggested creating Hampstead Heath branded merchandise, e.g. a tie, hat or brooch/pin, like Epping Forest which could be sold at the Heath. The Chairman advised that a review of asset management was planned.


·         A pool party at the ponds or swimming facilities was suggested.


·         A Member noted that there was a wide selection of literature associated with the Heath, e.g. Keats, and suggested attracting famously associated people to the celebrations.   




·         Members approve the proposed Events Policy (Part Two) for Highgate Wood (Appendix 2);


·         Members approve the proposed Events Policy (Part Two) for Queen’s Park (Appendix 3);


·         Members approve the proposed Heath events for 2019, as detailed in paragraph 23 (Appendix 4);


·         Members provide feedback on the Sports Licencing Scheme (Appendix 5);


·         Members approve the draft Highgate Wood Woodland Management Plan (Appendix 6);


·         Members to consider a programme of events to mark the 30th anniversary of the City of London Corporations custodianship of Hampstead Heath.

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