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Tenter House 45 Moorfields London EC2Y 9AE

Report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director.


The Committee considered a report of the Chief Planning Officer and Development Director seeking approval for the demolition of existing building and structures to existing basement slab level and construction of an 18 storey office building (Class B1) with ground and first floor retail (Class A1/A2/A3/A5), together with works to the two basements and the ground floor level with associated servicing, waste storage, plant facilities and cycle parking and public realm improvements to New Union Street.


Officers advised of an additional recommended proviso to the resolution, namely that the application be approved subject to the Chief Planning Officer, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, being satisfied that the servicing arrangements to New Union Street are satisfactory.


Officers presented the report to Members, outlining details of the scheme and its wider implications. In light of objections received (primarily around the potential for noise from the roof terraces), conditions limiting the use of these areas at night were proposed. With regard to the reductions in sunlight and daylight to some residents, independent assessments had concluded that any loss was, in fact, due to the presence of overhanging balconies and not the size of the proposed development.


A Member commended Officers on refining the proposals in light of objections received. Members went on to question the possibility of the use of an external consolidation site for the servicing of the building. Officers stated that they had already suggested that this was something that the applicant should explore. The number of deliveries had been limited to 72 vehicles per day. Members suggested that this could be included as a condition.


A Member stated that they would like to see the use of light sensors conditioned. Another Member reported that, whilst they were fully supportive of the proposals, they had some concern around New Union Street and how this would operate in terms of pedestrians and any conflict with vehicles utilising the loading bay. It was suggested that a better signed access route should be established to ensure that it was clear that this was for pedestrian use. Officers reported that there would be substantially less vehicle traffic in this area than previously. He added that Union Street was not under the control of the applicant along its full length and could not therefore be fully pedestrianised.


A Member commented on the number of extra people that the proposed development would attract to the area and the fact that no extra pedestrian space would be provided as a result. He was concerned that the proposal compromised the main area of open space in this area which was set to become even more crowded still with the impending opening of Crossrail.


In response to a question regarding the ‘bleepers’ of reversing vehicles on site, Officers stated that whilst it was not possible to silence these due to health and safety reasons, there use was not permitted on site after 21:00.


The Deputy Chairman referred to the fact that the forthcoming Transport Strategy was explicit in stating that consolidation sites for the servicing of the City would be the expectation going forward. He felt that it was therefore important to begin to emphasise this point with developers for the future proofing of sites. He suggested that the developer be asked to submit an annual Traffic Management Plan for consideration with commentary on the possible use/introduction of a freight consolidation site. Another Member seconded this proposal.


Members proceeded to vote on this amendment and it was carried unanimously.


Members then proceeded to vote on the application before them (with the additional proviso recommended by the officers) with 20 voting for and 1 voting against. There were no abstentions.


RESOLVED – That, subject to the Chief Planning Officer, in consultation with the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, being satisfied that the servicing arrangements to New Union Street are satisfactory:-


(a)  Planning permission be granted for the above proposal in accordance with the details set out in the attached schedule subject to an additional condition requiring the annual submission of a Traffic Management Plan with commentary on the possibility of the introduction of a freight consolidation centre and subject to planning obligations and other agreements being entered into in respect of those matters set out in the report, the decision notice not to be issued until such obligations have been executed;

(b)  Officers be instructed to negotiate and execute obligations in respect of those matters set out in the report under Section 106 and any necessary agreements under Section 278 of the Highway Act 1980.

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