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Congestion Mitigation: Parking, Traffic & Cycling Enforcement Resources

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of the Built Environment concerning congestion mitigation: Parking, Traffic and Cycling Enforcement resources.


The Town Clerk reported that the Resource Allocation Sub Committee had considered the report at their meeting on 4 October 2018 and had approved the necessary funding.


The Assistant Director (Highways) reported that it was proposed that additional Indigo officers were used in the evening given the changes in traffic flow in the City at this time and that new technology was reinvested in in order to enhance the parking enforcement service as a whole. The report also recommends funding from the On-Street Parking Account be set aside to allow the introduction of three new City Corporation Traffic & Congestion Officers, whose role would be specifically aimed at identifying and resolving congestion hotspots on the ground and tackling things that Indigo currently cannot. Through a new City Police accreditation system, they would also have the authority to stop and direct traffic as well as to deal with minor police enforcement duties such as low level cycling offences.


Members were told that this should be viewed as a positive step towards being able to deal with these kinds of issues in ‘real time’ and providing additional resources to help improve the effectiveness and safety of the City’s road network.


A Member commented that this clearly presumed that the income generated in this area would outweigh the expense. He asked that this be monitored and that a report on this and the overall effectiveness of the initiative be brought back to Committee in a year’s time.


RESOLVED – That, Members of the Planning and Transportation Committee:

·         Approve the supplementary parking enforcement measures outlined in this report and

·         Approve the introduction of three City Corporation Traffic & Congestion Officers for an initial two-year period to be focused on congestion and road safety issues.

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