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Outstanding References

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee received a report of the Town Clerk listing their Outstanding References which had been recently updated with the help of the responsible Officers.


Ludgate Circus

The Assistant Director (Highways) reported that updates had been received from TfL on their actions to date since the time of publication of this report. Collision diagrams had now been provided and these highlighted that the main cause for these were left turning vehicles in conflict with pedestrians crossing informally.


Members were informed that TfL had now agreed to allow the City to use their Enforcement Team to assist in undertaking cycle behaviour training at the Ludgate Circus Junction. TfL had also agreed to look in to the cost of surveys on the junction and report back. A review of signal timings at the junction would also take place in the next few months.


The Deputy Chairman stated that whilst he was not surprised by TfL’s conclusion that the biggest risks here related to pedestrians crossing informally, he would like to ensure that they were not dismissive of the issue simply because it happens elsewhere. He asked that City Officers continue to press TfL to identify ways in which these informal crossing routes could be made safer and more pedestrian friendly.


Blackfriars Bridge Underpass

Members were informed that TfL had undertaken footway repairs in the underpass and that a deep clean of the area had also been undertaken by City Highways. TfL had now also undertaken to look at the issue of rough sleeping here alongside the City’s own outreach team, and TfL would also be dealing with the subway lighting that has been failing on a regular basis. The Assistant Director (Highways) was pleased to report that, although progress to date was slower than hoped, things were certainly moving in the right direction.


In response to a question regarding whether LED lighting would be used in the underpass, the Assistant Director (Highways) stated that he assumed that this would be the case given that it was best practice. He undertook to look in to this further and to report back to the Member on this matter.


Wind Measurement on Tall Buildings

The Chairman informed Members that a report on this matter would be brought to the December 2018 meeting of this Committee.


A Member questioned whether this report was intended to cover all those areas which the Committee would like to keep under review. He stated that, if so, he would like to see reference to Fumes and to Pavements included given that these were both issues he had requested further information on previously.


A Member requested that the names of responsible Officers also be added to all Outstanding References going forward.



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