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Internal Audit Recommendations Follow-Up

Report by the Head of Audit and Risk Management.


Members considered the report by the Head of Audit and Risk Management on internal audit recommendations follow-up.


The following matters were raised:-


·         On the Baxter Storey contract it was noted that the health and safety audit would take place in the Autumn term (done by ESB), that proof of monthly review was not able to be supplied until later and that a revised target timescale was set for demonstration of implementation.


·         Noted that the expected report back on Succession Planning / Workforce Plan would now be made to the Sub Committee in January 2019.


·         The draft and action plan for Satellite Sites had now been completed.


·         On Sundial Court - Accommodation Strategy it was noted a paper would be submitted to the November Board.


·         It was noted that revised target dates for Returns Management and Subsidy and Profit Share Arrangements would be October 2018.


·         In response to a question from Governors it was confirmed that the target dates are set by the School in its management response and officers were asked to set realistic target dates that could be achieved.     



Supporting documents:


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