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Epping Forest Licence, Produce and Sports Charges

Report of the Director of Open Spaces & Heritage.

(N.B. - A3 hardcopies of Appendix A will be available at the meeting including details of All Charges which was removed due to document size)


Members considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces and Heritage concerning the performance of charges levied for licenced activities, produce sales and formal sports in the last full financial year 2017/18 and the following points were made:


·         A Member noted that golf was a competitive industry but was pleased there was stability across the Forest Clubs adding that the proposed charged helped with marketing plans.


·         A Member suggested that the Forest Golf Clubs had a forum to discuss common interests. The Head of Visitor Services noted that there had been regulated meetings with the four clubs to discuss options and hoped this would continue in the future to look at joint operations, marketing, etc, across all four sites.


·         A Member felt that the sports day fees were positive as they would alleviate pressures on schools.


·         In response to a query regarding the high costs of car park licensing, the Head of Visitor Services advised that this report covered up to April 2018 and the costs regarding newer car parks would be reported in the next report.


·         Following queries regarding the Burial Road Car Park, Members were advised that this high profile site was behind schedule and would hopefully be finished soon.


RESOLVED – That Members support:-


·         the proposed charges for 2019/20;


·         the continued subsidy for association football.


Supporting documents:


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