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Epping Forest Consultative Committee Terms of Reference and Schedule

Report of the Director of Open Spaces & Heritage.


Members considered a report of the Director of Open Spaces and Heritage concerning the Epping Forest Consultative Committee Terms of Reference and Schedule. The following points were made:


·         The Business Manager of Epping Forest advised that a deadline of the fourth meeting had been set to finalise the Epping Forest Consultative Committee’s Terms of Reference and more complete terms were being proposed for Committee approval. These now covered outstanding elements including determining how many members are required to hold valid proceedings (quorum) and the agreement of a code of conduct for Members.


·         A Member felt a key element needed was to allow for the general public to input and suggested a framework that allowed time on the agenda for Members to discuss other issues raised. Members were advised that any questions/requests to add something to the agenda needed to be submitted to the Town Clerk and Chairman in advance of the agenda being published. It was agreed that this should be done two weeks prior to the agenda being published (four weeks before the meeting date). 


·         A Member felt that one week was not long enough to process the contents of the agenda pack and recommended circulation of the agenda two weeks prior to the meeting date to allow groups to review it. Members agreed the Chairman approved this request.


·         A Member noted that there was no youth representation on the Committee and it was suggested that one or two members of the Epping Forest Youth Council be co-opted onto the Committee. It was noted the meetings took place at 7pm and this would be challenging and a safety concern for young people to attend evening meetings. The Business Manager of Epping Forest stated that all relevant groups were invited to join the Committee, and some chose not to be represented. She noted that membership would be refreshed every three years and an offer to all relevant groups would be made again. It was noted that spaces on the Committee could also arise if a representative was a consistent non-attender.


·         A Member was confused by the wording of “resolved” in minutes in response to reports and did not feel this accurately explained the decisions of this Committee. The Town Clerk explained that this was the standard wording and style of City of London Corporation reporting used to show a collective view. It was added that reports included the feedback from consultative committees although this was not always explicitly clear. Members agreed that some of the wording in minutes and reports did not translate for a consultative committee and the Superintendent and Chairman agreed to look at the style and process with Officers to better reflect the Committee. A Member suggested including an appendix on the process. 


·         A Member noted that the Play Policy application was subject to conditions and recommended that Members received updated reports following feedback so they remained up-to-date. It was noted that most amendments had been made to this report and it would be emailed to the Committee when finalised before being published on the website.    


RESOLVED – That Members support the updated Terms of Reference for the Epping Forest Consultative Committee.

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