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Outstanding Actions Report

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk which provided details of outstanding actions from previous meetings.


Revenue Budgets

The Town Clerk advised that officers from the Town Clerk’s Department and Chamberlain’s Department had been asked to look into putting together a report on Members’ spending from the Town Clerk’s budget.


However, it was explained that Members’ spending was funded from different departmental budgets, and to reconcile the costs would be a substantial piece of work. The Town Clerk advised of the main spending from the Town Clerk’s budget, but the Chair had agreed a report was no longer necessary and if Members were interested in specific costs, this could be looked into by officers.


Whilst acknowledging that Member-related spend could not be broken down on a departmental basis, the Committee requested that some form of breakdown within the Town Clerk’s budget be provided to Members as part of the annual budget process.


Guildhall Workplace Utilisation Programme


The City Surveyor referred to the various workstreams that were underway, including strategic planning and tactical activities, and outlined the timetable for the project which would include a report being submitted to the Committee in December.


RESOLVED – That the Committee note the report and verbal updates.


Supporting documents:


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