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Education, Skills and Cultural and Creative Learning Strategy

Report of the Director of Community and Children’s Services.


The Committee considered a report of the Director of Community & Children’s Services proposing the establishment of three separate strategies for Education, Skills, and Cultural and Creative Learning.


In response to questions relating to the significant creative learning and education activities undertaken by the Open Spaces not being fully reflected in the strategies and to whether there were any plans for an overarching strategy, the Strategic Education, Culture and Skills Director advised that this area was integral to the strategies and that Open Spaces were heavily involved in a number of key areas, such as culture mile learning and the school visits funds initiatives. She also advised that an overarching strategy encompassing the three areas set out in the report, together with a short summary overview was being prepared for the New year.


RESOLVED: That approval be given to adoption of the Education Strategy, Skills Strategy, and Cultural and Creative Learning Strategy.

Supporting documents:


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