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Cleaning of the exterior of Mansion House

Andrew McMurtrie asked a question of the Chairman of the Finance Committee concerning the cleaning of the exterior of Mansion House, and whether planters could be placed between the columns of the portico facing Bank Junction.


Responding, the Chairman of Finance advised that the project for the stonework cleaning of Mansion House had been agreed in principle by the relevant Committees, with work now being undertaken with key stakeholders to produce a fully phased programme of works. The Chairman noted the Scheme would also include an upgrade to the lighting of the exterior of the building, and the overall programme of works would be presented to the Corporate Assets Sub Committee and Projects Sub Committee in April 2019 for approval to proceed. Once the works were completed, consideration would then be given to installing planters on the portico.


The Sports Strategy

Karina Dostalova asked a question of the Chair of the Policy and Resources Committee with regards to the delay in producing the Sports Strategy requested by the Committee in 2017.


The Chair in response, confirmed that a paper on the City of London Corporation’s sports engagement would be considered by the Public Relations and Economic Development Sub Committee and the Policy and Resources Committee the following week. The report would cover the City of London Corporation’s existing engagement with sport as well as other strategic opportunities. The Chair explained that officers had considered how best to take a strategic approach before presenting the report to Committee and there would be no further delays. The Chair advised that the “Enhancing Sports Engagement” paper was available on the City of London Corporation’s website, and the work on the open spaces which provides sports facilities for thousands of Londoners, should be front and centre of the strategy.


In reply to a supplementary question from Ms Dostalova regarding the amount of funding invested in sports, the Chair advised that expenditure could be discussed at the Committee meetings the following week.


Honorary Freedoms

Munsur Ali asked a question of the Chairman of the Freedom Applications Committee concerning the length of time taken to implement the revised process regarding Honorary Freedoms and requested an update on the outcome of the Remembrancer’s Office writing to Aung San Suu Kyi.


Responding, the Chairman of the Freedom Applications Committee referenced the approval given at the September 2018 Court meeting to change the process for awarding an Honorary Freedom, and a new process to remove an Honorary Freedom, noting that both were approved without question or comment which indicated that it was right to spend time in preparing those proposals. The Freedom Applications Committee had considered the matter of Aung San Suu Kyi but did not ask the Remembrancer’s Office to write to her, and whilst the Committee deplored what was happening in Myanmar, and was keeping the situation under review, it was not currently the time nor circumstance to begin to activate the process which could lead to the removal of an Honorary Freedom.


In response to a supplementary question from Mr Ali as to whether the Court of Common Council should look to revoke the Honorary Freedom awarded to Aung San Suu Kyi and the notice given by the Member that he would be presenting a motion to the Court in January to commence this process; the Chairman of the Freedoms Application Committee explained that as previously mentioned, the Committee would continue to actively monitor the situation, with the Remembrancer providing an update at each Committee meeting. The Committee had been clear that any decision taken should be directed at effectiveness, impact and outcome in Myanmar and the Committee shared the Government’s keenness to ensure whatever steps are taken, are directed at the right target and have the right effect. The Chairman offered to work with Mr Ali, to gauge the balance of opinion amongst Members regarding the proposed motion.


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