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Progress Report

Report of the Chief Grants Officer & Director of City Bridge Trust


The Committee received the regular progress report of the Chief Grants Officer and discussed the updates provided.


HR Update

The Chief Grants Officer and Director of City Bridge Trust (CGO) advised the Committee that the current round of recruitment was almost complete, including the recruitment of the senior communications post. An updated organogram would be circulated to Committee Members once the round of recruitment was complete.


Mayor of London – Young Londoner’s Fund Update

The CGO advised the Committee that decisions on medium and large grants applications had been made by the Greater London Authority (GLA) and final information would soon be available. The final cohort of grantees had been informed and the funding would soon be distributed. More organisations than expected needed to achieve the London Youth Quality Mark, but achieving this was a process in itself and was a good cause.


Funding from City Bridge Trust would also go towards support network-enablement costs and more specific training to front-line youth workers. Work was ongoing on a front-line mental health support service. As this was a sector where the workforce was not used to such an offer, there might not be a wide take-up at first and may require training and encouragement.


Co-opted Members

The CGO advised the Committee that officers had sought advice from the Town Clerk about possible voting rights. Several committees had external members with voting rights, but it was not standard. An external Member could be Chairman or Deputy Chairman, but would require an elected Member to be their Deputy Chairman or Chairman respectively.


Members were keen for any external co-optees to be as equal to elected Members as possible. A Member advised that some committees had external Members with voting rights, and there was legislation which covered it. Another City of London Committee had two Deputy Chairman positions, with one being reserved for external co-optees, and this could also be considered. However, the Committee did not want these concerns to delay the recruitment of the co-opted Members which was to proceed. It was important to note that an external co-optee, even if Chairman, would not be able to attend Court of Common Council meetings.


RESOLVED – That the City Bridge Trust Committee:


a)       Note the report; and


b)       Approve the recommended process for co-opting two additional members to the CBT Committee as set out in paragraph 12.

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