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Review of the City of London Police Authority - Resourcing & Governance Arrangements

Report of the Town Clerk.


The Committee considered a report of the Town Clerk reviewing the resourcing and governance arrangements of the City of London Policy Authority.


It was advised that notice had been received of points to be raised in relation to this item which were integral to the decision to be made but which related to an individual. These issues were considered to be exempt as defined under paragraph 1 of Part 1, Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972 and further consideration of this item was therefore deferred until non-public session.


Following discussion in non-public session, it was:



1.      Approval be given to the creation of two FTE finance posts, including a Grade I post, at a cost of up to 195,000 and one FTE Town Clerk’s post at a cost of up to £55,000, to strengthen the capacity and capability of the Police Authority.

2.      The intention to introduce service level agreements between the Police Authority and the Corporation’s professional support services be noted.

3.      The improvement to the governance arrangements that will enhance the Police Authority’s oversight and scrutiny function, including greater strategic leadership and community engagement and better performance management arrangements, be noted.

4.      The intention to establish the full cost of the Police Authority function for benchmarking and Value for Money purposes be noted.

5.      It be noted that, if required, a funding request may be made to Finance Committee for contingency funding late in the financial year.

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