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To agree the public minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2018.


The public minutes of the meeting held on 4 July 2018 were approved.


Matters arising


With regards to the Internal Audit update, the Head of Internal Audit advised that there was no strategy document but a two-year plan listing strategic objectives had been developed and went to the Audit & Risk Committee for approval.


A Member requested a document that reflected how this had been developed highlighting the need for the Committee (and others) to understand the reasoning behind priorities. The Head of Internal Audit advised that this could not be provided until an audit plan was set identifying the terms of reference but offered to put together a document concerning the process used. He confirmed that all decisions were approved by the Audit & Risk (A&R) Committee.


The Chairman queried who decided what is looked at and when. Members were advised that the planning process began in January with Officers looking at objectives, concerns and previous findings and identify risks feeding the risk register into the process. This was then agreed by the A&R Committee. Members argued that the Committee should feed into the process before plans went to the A&R Committee for approval. 


Members agreed transparency around the reasoning of priorities and decisions was needed in the process.



Supporting documents:


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