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Internal Audit Update and Annual Report

Report of the Head of Audit and Risk Management.


The Committee had before it the report of the Head of Audit and Risk Management on the internal audit annual report and opinion for the year ended 31 July 2018.


The following matters were raised:-


·         The Head of Audit and Risk Management confirmed the moderate assurance opinion in view of audits undertaken during the year in question and the hope that this assurance would be able to change. He said that there were no outstanding recommendations; that target dates required updating; and that there was a requirement to know that the audit recommendations were being implemented. He confirmed that the catering contract continued to show as a limited assurance, not withstanding views made earlier in the meeting, as the contract remained unsigned.


·         It was noted that the member and officers’ declarations risk was corporate, not just linked to the School, although the Office for Students would be likely to look at an overall identified risk of this kind. The Town Clerk confirmed that 1 or 2 co-opted Board members declaration forms were outstanding but that this was likely to be more recent appointees that may not have received forms to complete and return.


·         The Head of Audit and Risk Management confirmed that any previously identified issues not forming part of the current report indicated that implementation of outstanding matters had now taken place.


·         The Director of Operations and Buildings said that on the asset management strategy he was working with the City Surveyor aligned with the CoL’s estates strategy.


·         Members were informed that with regard to data quality – resilience, the School would be submitting a Business Plan for increased resource and support in this expanding area.  




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