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Corporate Affairs Update

Report of the Director of Communications.


The Sub-Committee received a report of the Director of Communications updating Members on key elements of the Corporate Affairs team’s activity in support of the City Corporation’s external political engagement and corporate communications.


The Director of Communications underlined the close working of the Communications Team, the Economic Development Office and the Remembrancer’s Office.


A Member highlighted a few grammatical errors in the paper and another Member asked for future meetings to have these items mirrored in non-public to allow Members to have a more in-depth discussion. A Member also suggested that more up-to-date information could be tabled at the meeting of our corporate activity and consideration be given to the Policy Chair to give oral updates.


The Policy Chair asked the Director of Economic Development to see if TheCityUK could come to a future meeting of the Public Relations and Economic Development Sub Committee meeting.



·         The report be noted.

Supporting documents:


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