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Report of the Town Clerk.


The Board considered the Town Clerk’s report on outstanding actions.


The following matters were raised:-


·          On item 4 City Sports Engagement, a Member put forward the view that the strategic impact of sport should be added as an aim as there appeared to be a lack of understanding as to its educational benefits. The Chairman asked that a relevant paper due to be submitted to the Public Relations and Economic Development Sub Committee should be added to the agenda for January’s Board meeting.


·          The Chairman asked that the Town Clerk invite Antony Smyth, Chairman of the CoLAT Southwark Local Governing Body, to the January meeting when the Board considers the review of the Southwark joint governing body arrangements.


·          Noted that the 4 GSMD actions would be considered in one report at the January meeting.


·          Noted that the breakfast briefing on education, skills, culture and creative learning strategy would take place on 23 April 2019. 




Supporting documents:


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