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Philanthropy Strategy Implementation Plan

Report of the Chief Grants Officer and Director of City Bridge Trust


The Committee considered a report of the CGO, setting out the Philanthropy Strategy implementation plan for the Committee’s review and approval. The strategy had been approved in May and was subsequently approved by the Policy & Resources Committee. The implementation plan was intended to run to March 2020 but plenty of good work was already underway. The Committee noted that the implementation plan would be referred to Summit Group before going to the Policy & Resources Committee in January 2019, rather than December 2018.


RESOLVED – That the City Bridge Trust Committee:


  1. Note the implementation plan set out in the Appendix;


  1. Agree the proposed change to the strategic framework set out in paragraphs 11-13 of this report; and


  1. Endorse the implementation plan for onward approval by the Policy and Resources Committee at its January 2019 meeting.

Supporting documents:


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