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Why Me? Victims for Restorative Justice


The Committee noted the revised amount requested and conditions attached to the grant. Members suggested that the index of grant recommendations could be clearer about the fact that the request was revised and the reasons for the revision, as there was a risk of giving the wrong impression. The CGO responded that the index of grant recommendations was for transparency and always showed the original request, as this upheld financial good practice. The assessment process determined eligibility of and within grants and details were provided in the assessment report.


APPROVED £57,000 over 2 years (£28,400; £28,600) towards a Policy Development Officer (1.5 dpw), a RJ Service Coordinator (1 dpw) and associated project costs, for work to enable hate crime victims from the London LGBTQ community to access restorative justice. This grant is conditional on confirmation that a dual authorisation process is operational for online banking. The second year of this grant is conditional on 2018 accounts being fully SORP compliant.

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