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To receive the minutes of the Epping Forest Consultative Committee meeting held on 10 October 2018.


The Committee received the public minutes of the last Epping Forest Consultative Committee meeting on 10 October 2018.


A Member questioned why the Commercial Wayleaves Review had been seen by the Consultative Committee ahead of the Grand Committee today. He questioned whether this was the correct approach, particularly for financial or property/asset matters. The Superintendent stated that this was intentional as it allowed for genuine public consultation on these kinds of issues and the opportunity for this Committee to be informed as to the view of local Forest users. Members were generally supportive of this continued approach. A Member added that it was also important to have a mechanism to feedback to the Consultative Committee on these matters and to offer them the opportunity to then make additional representations where necessary.


A Verderer referred to the minute concerning the London Borough of Culture May Day event on Chingford Plain and the subsequent decision taken on this under urgency. He suggested that it would have been useful to refer back to the Consultative Committee, taking in to account their views, on this matter ahead of approving the proposal.The Chairman indicated that he had considered the Consultative Committees support for the event in making his urgency decision.


With regard to the Woodredon Estate properties, the Chairman reported that he requested that the City Surveyor provide him with details of the covenants and that they also be sent to the Director of Open Spaces, the Superintendent and the Deputy Chairman. He added that he would be happy to circulate these more widely should any Member wish to have sight of them.



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