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Departmental Business Plan 2018/19 - Six month performance update

Report of the Director of Open Spaces.


The Committee received a report of the Director of Open Spaces updating Members on progress and performance against the 2018/19 Business Plan by the services which report to the various Open Spaces Committees.


A Member questioned the Amber progress associated with the development of engineering studies for six raised reservoirs at Epping Forest which had been attributed to issues with DBE resources. She went on to refer to the statement elsewhere on the agenda that improvement works on the dams following the engineering assessment would be a statutory requirement for the City of London to complete and questioned whether this should, therefore, be flagged as a red risk and something which the Local Authority could take over on should it not be completed satisfactorily.


Officers confirmed that the traffic light system within the report related to progress against the business plan as opposed to risk.


RESOLVED – That, Members note the progress against the 2018/19 Business Plan objectives, projects and performance indicators.



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