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City Corporation's Proposed Approach to Carbon Offsetting

Report of the Director of the Built Environment.


The Committee received a report of the Director of the Built Environment setting out the City Corporation’s approach to the collection and allocation of carbon offsetting contributions associated with development in the City, which will assist in the move to a Zero Emissions City.


A Member highlighted that Garrard House appeared twice within the list of potential carbon offsetting contributions detailed at Figure 1 within the report. She went on to refer to the carbon offsetting/absorption of trees and the role of the City’s Open Spaces in this area. She suggested that it was important that this continued to be emphasised given that these spaces made a considerable contribution to the City’s move towards zero emissions.


In response to questions, Officers reported that new developments were expected to reduce carbon emissions as per the Local Plan. If this was not the case then financial contributions were required. Funds received in this way had to then be spent within the Square Mile to improve existing building stock and therefore contribute to the lowering of the City of London’s performance/footprint in terms of carbon emissions. He concluded by clarifying that this was additional funding as opposed to replacement funding.


RESOLVED – That the proposed approach to carbon offsetting for the City is noted.

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